1) How do I know what my underwear size is?


How to fit underwear  

  1. Measure your hip size, and select the size that is corresponding to your hip measurement.
  2. Pull underwear up gently. The panty garter should be in a straight circumference around your body. Panties pulled too high create upward curves on the sides; this makes it uncomfortable for the legs.
  3. Move your legs a bit to see if thighs are comfortable with the panty leg hole. If leg holes dig too deep into your hip or thighs, creating harsh lines and pain, the panty size is too small.

2) How to fit bras?

  1. Measure your bust and under-bust. To select a band size, choose the measurement closest to your under-bust measurement. To select cup size, measure bust size, and then subtract bust size with under-bust size. The difference in inches determines your cup size; per inch difference is one cup size bigger.
  2. When putting on a new bra, clasp the back at the first, outermost hook. This ensures more adjusted and customized fit, as new bras are usually tighter and will stretch after a few days.
  3. Adjust your breasts into the cups. If bra feels too tight, go up a cup first before selecting a larger band size. Too loose a band size reduces support in your bra.

3) What are your Modes of Payment?

We currently accept Bank Deposit and GCASH payments. Please email your deposit slip or GCASH Transaction confirmation to payments@so-en.com together with your Name and Order Number.

We reserve the right to cancel any transactions prior to delivery if customer fails to provide complete and/or comprehensible shipping and contact details.

4) Which Banks can we deposit our Payments with?



  • Account Name: Intimo Trading Corporation
    Account # 120800004220


  • Account Name: Intimo Trading
    Account # 611-7-61108929-1
  • Account Name: Intimo Trading
    Account # 301274355
  • Account Name: Intimo Trading
    Account # 3909429888


  • Account Name: J** FR*****C C.
    Account # 09164308513

5) How long does it take to process and ship my order?

We strive for efficient fulfillment of online transactions. All orders will ship out within 48hours (2days) or sooner upon confirmation/receipt of payment.

If you have chosen to pay through bank deposit or remittance, you need to EMAIL the deposit slip, screenshot of the deposit to payments@so-en.com with the following information: Name and Order Number. We have a grace period of 48 hours for bank deposits, and if the time has lapsed and no confirmation of payment has been received, we reserve the right to cancel your order without prior notice.

6) Do you ship nationwide? 

Yes, we ship nationwide. Rates and shipping time will vary depending on location and courier you choose upon check out.

8) What is your Refund Policy?
SO-EN and Josefina Manufacturing Inc stands by their products with pride through six decades of service. Our standards require the adherence to quality consistency and respect for hygiene. 

Therefore, all lingerie purchases are final.

We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction and should our products fall short of expectations in quality and durability within a reasonable time, please do not hesitate to reach out at customercare@so-en.com or message us privately through Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/SOENPhilippines

We will not honor the following reasons for any product complaints/disputes/exchanges.
  • Ordered the wrong size
  • Not satisfied with the color assortment
  • Not satisfied with the design
  • Shipment did not arrive on time due to courier delays (if you are time pressed please reach out to us BEFORE purchasing).
The products sold in this website is 100% Authentic and direct from Josefina Manufacturing, Inc. You will find the same products in our other channels (ie. Department Stores, Wet markets etc) and the prices may differ based on our accredited partners' existing programs or activities. Therefore, we will not honor any complaints/disputes/exchanges based on price discrepancies.

10) Do you ship Internationally?
We are currently working towards economical means to ship SO-EN to its customers around the globe. Please be assured that this something we would like to achieve in the near future. 


11) Where can I email my questions regarding your products or concerns about my order?

If you have general questions regarding our products you may send us a direct message via our Facebook page. If you have concerns about your order, please email is at customercare@so-en.com